You don’t need a large outdoor space to create a functional and beautiful oasis in your home backyard. What you do need, however, is a clean and smart home landscaping design.

For smaller spaces, it is especially important to have a good design on your property to enhance every little detail. The best things come in small packages. That’s why Lion Turf’s local landscapers can offer beautiful and practical landscape install for any property size, taste and budget.

Make the Most of Your Yard

Good landscape design helps keep you keep focused on the overall concept for your property. In turn, that gives you the freedom to install your ideas at your own pace. Want to change something about your yard’s layout? You can propose changes that suit your needs on the landscape concept we offer you. It’s the best place to adjust before moving onto the installation of your home landscaping.

We know that outdoor installation and landscape maintenance can be a daunting task. Check out Lion Turf’s quick tips to make the most out of your home landscaping project.

Include a Drainage System in Your Home Landscaping

Before you plan to build patios and decks or plant a beautiful garden in your front yard, think about drainage! Without an adequate drainage system, water may collect around your property and may undermine your landscape structures or drown plants.

Our drainage team specializes in installing french drains or fixing drains. Lion Turf can ensure that your water will be moved to a less destructive area with the easiest route possible.

Keep it Simple with Our Landscaping Services

Any local landscaping company can advise you not to try to cram too many design elements in a small space. At Lion Turf, our landscape contractors can help you plan a layout that uses your ideas to make the most of your property.

We work with local garden centers to offer plans that can give you beautiful blooms of your choice, crisp greenery and immaculate designs. Have questions about landscaping setup? Ask our landscapers what would work best for your home and your needs.

Choose the Right Plants for Your Front Yard Landscaping

Before spending time pruning, tending to and replacing plants that may overgrow, ask Lion Turf’s landscape consultants about which plants grow best in your area and for your space.

We can help you choose plants that will not outgrow their place in your garden and keep your home landscaping hassle-free.

Landscape Maintenance for Healthy Soil

It’s common for small sites to have compacted soils with potentially poor nutrient values. More often than not, small yards are grounds for more concentrated foot traffic. The natural cycles of nutrient recycling are usually disrupted in small home landscapes.

The seasonal removal of fallen leaves, grass clippings and other organic debris requires the addition of supplemental fertilizers or mulching to keep your plants lush.

Lion Turf can help you determine what kind of soil you have and amend the soil with organic matter if necessary. Keep your garden looking fresh, vibrant and well-maintained with the help of our local landscape contractors!

For Residential Landscaping Contact Lion Turf Today!

These quick and easy tips can help you brainstorm layout ideas to figure out what is most necessary for your space. From full-scale exterior renovation projects to weekly lawn and bed maintenance, we have the expertise and dedication to consistently deliver top quality results on all of our projects.

With Lion Turf’s local landscaping service near you, you may be well on your way to achieving the backyard oasis you always wanted.