Everyone would like to have a beautiful garden for their space. You’ve probably heard that mulching is an essential part of a successful and healthy green space.

It is common practice to put mulch down in beds in the spring season to help boost the overall appearance of your house. Furthermore, mulch also helps give needed nutrients to plants and bushes in the beds. At Lion Turf, we’re passionate about mulch and provide cost-friendly solutions for your landscaping.

We offer mulch delivery and installation tailored to your property’s individual needs. Regardless of the season, we tailor our mulching plans to suit your needs. Our expert landscape contractors can use mulch, compost, or stone to upgrade your property, no matter the size of your space. Call us to find out the many benefits that mulch can bring to your outdoor lifestyle.

Benefits of a Mulching Service

Mulching is a simple service that can cause big benefits to your growing season. As you’re waiting for your spring seeds to sprout, we refresh the beds with a layer of mulch to create a welcoming habitat for your new plantings.

There are many benefits to including our mulching service in your gardening routine, such as:

  • Insulation and Protection of Soil and Plant Roots
  • Improved Diversity and Soil Health
  • Moisture Retention and Regulation
  • Weed Reduction

Spring Mulching

If temperatures rise and dry out your plants in the spring, then a healthy layer of mulch will be beneficial to your fresh garden.

In Western Pennsylvania, weather changes regularly and having a healthy layer of mulch around plants without suffocating them is the key to a successful garden.

Not only will regular mulching cover the soil surface, but they will also attract pollinators and prevent pests.

Fall Mulching

Fall is an excellent time to feed the soil in your custom Lion Turf vegetable garden. Pair this service with our Fall cleanup and your property will be ready for the cold days ahead.

We apply soil amendments or fertilizers, then top them with green mulch or animal manure. This will protect and nourish the soil through the winter.

Get Landscaping with Lion Turf’s Mulch Services!

Depending on the size of your garden, our mulch delivery and installation services may take a few hours to a few days of heavy lifting. By taking the time to invest in one of Lion Turf’s landscape mulch plans, you’ll provide the extra care and thought your soil needs at the beginning and end of each gardening season.

Call us today to take advantage of our premium mulching service. We promise soil that will support the growth of healthy plants you can enjoy for years to come.