At Lion Turf, we offer many services geared toward keeping your property aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and in good health. French drains are a key to make that all possible.

In Western Pennsylvania, we are all aware that rain is all too common. When you combine this water with the hilly landscape of the area, there become low points on most properties that collect water. This can cause damage to your lawn, property, and even your house.

French drains to keep your lawn healthy

Water is an important ingredient in lush green grass. However, when you have too much water, your lawn will be flooded and the grass will drown. Drainage systems take this water that collects and sends it to a spot that does less damage. At Lion Turf, we are careful to plan where the water will go and how efficiently it will get there.

Other perks for controlling water flow

Protecting your House

A flooded basement is a nightmare for every home owner. Even if the water isn’t flowing into the basement but sits along the walls and seeps in, this can cause stress and can be a pain to fix.

Lion Turf takes the first step in treating the problem before it gets to your house. We direct the water away from the foundation and toward an area that can handle the extra water.

Keeping your property usable

Whether you have 10 acres of grass or 1/10, being able to use use that grass is important to home owners. Keeping the correct amount of water in your yard is essential to keeping it usable.

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