At Lion Turf, we’re proud to be your one stop shop for all your commercial lawn care needs. We offer full lawn care and maintenance programs for commercial spaces. Let us help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, lush green lawn you want for your outdoor space. We offer services to assess your lawn care needs and repair, seed, fertilize and weed as required to get your yard in top shape. After the heavy work is done, we develop a maintenance program to keep your lawn looking its best year-round.

Lion Turf’s Year-Round Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn mowing services ensure your yard stays fresh year-round. We rake, trim and fertilize your turf, making sure you get a healthy green space for your business property.

Our comprehensive lawn mowing service takes care of the details for every season, so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our treatment services tailored to suit your needs.

Spring Cleaning Lawn Care Services

We blow and rake your turf to remove any debris accumulated during the winter season.

Our lawn care team will be sure to clean up any leaves that fall from trees throughout the winter. To keep your space neat and tidy, we professionally edge along the curb and sidewalks.


Our precision edging will turn your tattered and overgrown lawn edges into clean lines, bringing a brighter curb appeal to your home or business instantly. Edging is great for a neater look for curbs and walkways – anywhere lawn meets a hard surface.

Lion Turf’s Expert Lawn Care Services

Give your lawn a break this year with an aeration plan. It will loosen up heavily-compacted soil, break up thatch, promote root growth and allow oxygen and water to enter the root system. This is best done before you apply seed or fertilizer to your lawn – ask us more about our lawn treatment services!

Weed Control

We hate invasive pests as much as you do. Our weed control services minimize dry, unwanted weeds in your lawn and on your property.

Seeding and Sodding

Whether you’re constructing a new outdoor space, or your current turf is beyond repair, we can help you achieve a thick, lush lawn through seeding or sodding without the need of time-consuming installation.

Lawn Maintenance by the Professional Landscapers

Your lawn maintenance chores can be complete with no frills, giving you more time to enjoy your property instead of tending to it. Lion Turf’s professional landscapers leave your lawn looking neat and tidy on a consistent weekly schedule.

Lawn Care Services Made Easy by Lion Turf

When it comes to time management, we know you would have many high priorities but that probably does not include spending company time doing tedious mowing. At Lion Turf, you can leave the hard work to us. Our expert lawn care professionals can keep your grass from looking faded, give your roots the nutrients they need and remove unwanted debris and weeds from your commercial space.

Take your lawn to the next level with our lawn care services. Contact us today at (724) 496-8965 to find out more.