Commercial landscaping install and maintenance requires solutions catered to a range of people from employees to clients to property managers. As a commercial property manager, you need low-maintenance options for the design and ongoing upkeep. Lion Turf can provide you with all-inclusive landscape installation as well as maintenance services in your area. Whether your site is in need of a complete makeover, changes to new or renovated mulch beds, or consistent upkeep, we can provide you with all of your landscaping needs. We provide sustainable landscape management for a wide variety of commercial clients, including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Industrial parks
  • Public buildings and spaces
  • Retail centers

Landscaping Services for Yard Installations

Our team will create and oversee the install or replacement of flowers, shrubs or trees that enhance the property. We work with local landscape contractors and garden centers that supply healthy landscapes. We consider your personal preferences and can create elegant properties with a variety of colors and a natural ambience.

Commercial Landscaping for the Long Haul

A maintenance schedule on your plant life can keep your property looking fresh and full of life. We will work with you to choose plants that go with your business’s identity. Lion Turf can also replace your plants seasonally or as needed. Using fresh flowers and plants in custom pots or beds, we can add a unique curb appeal to your commercial property. In addition to keeping your commercial landscape looking lively and clean, plant replacement helps keep your soil healthy. It may also reduce the need to use pesticides on your plants.

Call Lion Turf Today for the Best in the Landscaping Business!

Whatever your landscaping goals, we can provide you with consistent, quality services and a dedication to creating an appealing landscape for your customers. Our experienced landscape managers will provide you with services tailored to your business needs.

Our goal as commercial landscaping contractors is to exceed your expectations. There’s no problem we can’t solve working together. Call us today to bring your commercial landscaping dreams to life!